Whistle While You Work: Some ‘Under The Radar’ YouTube Videos To Boost Your Workday Habits

Streaming media, especially music, has been an over-the-top convenience for many since the onset of Pandora Radio, LastFM, and dozens of other streaming mediums. However, like receiving satellite television channels, when provided more channels sometimes the decision of what to watch or listen to becomes even more daunting. So, how can you discover quality tunes without paying an arm and a leg or spend the majority of your day searching for just the right album or track?

The answer may be more simple than you realize, though it does require a little effort on the front end. Discovering entertaining music is simple with your existing social media accounts. With almost endless numbers of music artists emerging, discovering ear-pleasing talent is just a click away.

To put this into perspective: a few weeks ago my fifth-grade neighbor told me that he and his brother are in a band. To that I remarked, “That’s great. What is your band called?” He responded by saying, “We call ourselves The Toxic Potato. You can watch us on our YouTube channel. We’re trying to market our band through all the social network channels.” I stood there, a bit shell shocked by their valiant efforts at such young ages.

The Toxic Potato is just one of thousands of under the radar ‘garage’ bands hitting the networks with up-and-coming talent. Who knows when the next Justin Bieber sensation will surface. For now at least, we want-to-be musicians (or at least those of us desiring to adopt the same following these singers generate) must settle for passively listening (or watching) their talent.

Recently I’ve come across a superb record company featuring guitarists through a StumbleUpon link. You can find their diverse collection of songs and artists on the Candyrat Records YouTube Channel, or if you do not care to watch the artists then you can simply stream Candyrat’s music.

In closing, I’ll leave you with a couple of songs I enjoy by Candyrat guitarist, Sebastien Cloutier, a producer, engineer, and guitarist from Quebec, Canada.


2 thoughts on “Whistle While You Work: Some ‘Under The Radar’ YouTube Videos To Boost Your Workday Habits

  1. About BlitzKrieg Square Potatos

    I should tell that producing such “melodies” doesn’t require musical instruments; it is produced by bots.

    That is, programmed and even without human involvement – one just enters a few parameters (or choose rhythm sample) and voilà.

    At least, IMO, it lacks human touch. I went to Potatos’ FaceBook page expecting to see Face(s).

    • hudsonite says:

      I understand your dilemma. Maybe next time you could write in a more clear and understandable way as I had to clean up your comment to post. Thanks for your input.

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