How To Know Both Sides Of The WordPress Open Source Platform


Wondering why this random code is published above? If you’ve used Technorati, you know why. I would think there would be a more effective way to actually prove this is my blog. Well, makes for interesting dinner discussion.

While I’m writing (and did not expect to publish anything this afternoon) I thought I would give a simple WordPress tip. The tip being the difference between and – The site you currently are reading this post on. WordPress handles the server details, thus updating the software and hosting the site is something they take care of. This makes for less maintenance for the blog owner. However, it does have drawbacks. You are limited to what you are able to do with the code. You can upgrade to a paid subscription to be able to change the CSS. Plugins are not allowed. And, unless you buy a domain name you are always going to have ‘wordpress’ within your URL. I have bought a domain name, so all you have to do to get to my blog is type – Downloadable software to run on your own server or to upload to a hosting company. The benefits are total control over the CSS and PHP, the ability to install plugins, and the freedom to upgrade the software whenever convenient. The disadvantages are the challenging aspects of upgrading the software without losing customized files, outages for hosting on your own server, and the obvious one: breaking the code and having to start all over again.

There you have it, an almost worthless Technorati confirmation post that has moved you one level deeper in your knowhow of the WordPress open source platform.

Now if I can just get Technorati to confirm…

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6 thoughts on “How To Know Both Sides Of The WordPress Open Source Platform

  1. MouthTrapped says:

    Thanks a lot!

    I understood all except what is X53RT8GNPGR6 ?

    • hudsonite says:

      If you read my first paragraph, it explains what it is.

      • MouthTrapped says:

        I read it but I have never used

        I think that the topic vs. is beaten many times theme
        What is original, at least, to me is this code

        Do you have any more specific links about it?
        If one needs a “way to actually prove this is my blog”
        how would you prove that you are you and not another person, an impostor?

        I really do not get this issue

      • hudsonite says:

        A good question you bring up. However, I do know this is my blog and I’m not an imposter (at least the last time I checked). What specific links are you looking for? The vs links or links about Technorati?

  2. Matthew.
    Links about Technorati giving info on why the code is needed. Could you look? My comment here under user MouthTrapped a minute ago disappeared silently without any reaction. Was it dumped, or you don’t have it anywhere at all?

    I am very eager to know and would appreciate your help due to problems I described in:
    Anybody Out There, Please Please Tell Support I’m Buried Alive

    • hudsonite says:

      I left a comment on your post re: the WordPress issue. In regards to Technorati, when you enter a new site on their system they require, as does Google, a numbered code to be posted on your page so as to prove the authenticity. Once their servers authenticate your page(s), then your site can be freely propagated within their system.

      RE: The comments you posted. All the comments I can see from you are now public on my blog. I don’t see any others.

      Thanks for your comment and questions.

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