Three Concrete Ways To Engage With Tech

Today, it’s easy to get inundated by everything tech. How do you filter through the clutter? Where do you start? How do you navigate the ever-growing URL pool? Some have resorted to staying with desktop software alone. Others, merely taking suggestions from family and friends. Still others have given up altogether and resorted to pen and pencil thinking.

What way is best? If the power grid were to collapse, I suppose the latter thinking could prove the viable option. However, nobody knows the outcome of tomorrow.

How do you stay up on what is affecting you and your business (or organization) without defaulting to extremes? Obviously, each person should test the waters and see where their threshold lies, but here are three tips for engaging with tech:

1. Don’t assume the way you use the web today will define the way you use it tomorrow – A term that comes to mind for this tip is ‘Social Media.’ Who would have thought, even five years ago, how much this medium would define our lives. With over 700 million Facebook users and an ever-growing Google Plus crowd, people from children to grandparents have an insatiable appetite for relationship and sharing. If we were using the computer and the web exclusively circa 2000, much would be missed from news to the latest dog grooming styles.

2. You learned to ride a bicycle, didn’t you? – Childhood is defined by new experiences and a constant intaking of new information, experiences and relationships. I just have to watch my own children to be reminded of tireless exploration. What happens as we get older? Why do so many resort to habitual lifestyles that refuse to engage outside a certain structure? I’m not here to get into the psychcology of the matter, but to remind that we need to be proactive at learning once out of college. There is so much to explore and experience, and the Internet brings it to our lap (literally).

3. Watch the younger generation – If you’re older, especially over fifty, tech can be more of a challenge because you didn’t grow up with it. It was introduced when in your thirties and became an adjunct, not integral part of your life. Tips for your generation: watch your kids and others in the younger demographic for how they use the web in everyday life. You may feel exhausted at all the uses (and the gadgets they carry), but you can glean some ideas from the ‘fire hose’ examples. For example, you may not have realized that you can utilize Twitter as a notepad to keep track of thoughts. Need to locate a group of people fast? Use Facebook to organize a group and search for names to connect with. Need to keep track of time on some projects? Use Toggl for time and project management. The list goes on and on…

Let this be a catalyst for action, not a post for paralysis.

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5 thoughts on “Three Concrete Ways To Engage With Tech

  1. Fadi El-Eter says:

    I think you’re a bit wrong about Google+, it doesn’t have an “ever-growing” crowd. In fact, I don’t see anything different between Google+ and the previous Buzz or Wave from a marketing or hype perspective. I have discussed it in one of my posts and I think Google+ has already failed. I still believe has to focus on where it excels, which is the search…

    • hudsonite says:

      You’ve got a point. It had a lot of steep growth the first couple of months, but it has slowed. However it is still being utilized by a substantial crowd. We’ll have to see where it is a year from now. It could very well get buried by Google, but again, it may do alright. Will it ever achieve Facebook’s reach? Probably not, but it could be useful for a particular niche or for more directed marketing if they release business pages.

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